Motif is a stationery and cultural gift brand based  in Tehran, founded and owned by the graphic designer Leila Ghafarian.
The motivation of creating motif website is concerned to five years ago when I  was working  in archaeology institute as a graphic designer where I came across beautiful motifs and ornaments on old pieces like pottery, ceramics, vessels, jewelry, rugs, miniatures etc. And I asked myself what the role of these motifs are in our daily life?
Discovering a way to re-recognize the identity of the motif and applying them through internet media.
Motif website is a reference and comprehensive guide to understanding motif designs, forms, patterns, and information related to them. These motifs are related to different historical periods and different arts (miniature, pottery, carpet ect.). They are also the source and origin of the graphic design arts.
This website is an effort to recognize these rich pictorial sources which are not limited to specific geography or history in order to become aquinted with the beauty and value of these motifs and transfer it to the next generation. We are interested about sharing the beauty and richness of the motifs.